Please Note: Change in Delivery of Bible Lessons: Future Weekly Bible Lessons will be On Website/Blog Only.


Dear Christian Recipients of my weekly Bible Lesson for over the past almost 30 years - from this date, I find I am no longer able technologically, and I must confess, mentally, to send the weekly Bible Expositions in bulk emails straight into your inboxes via email.  

I know many of you have been faithful recipients of my weekly Scriptural messages from God's Word, and have enjoyed having me deliver them to you over the years as members of the Ulster Christians Ministry  international fellowship; but I know you shall remain faithful in your studies of God's Word, by simply going on my website and reading the weekly Bible Lessons I continue to put on there, as the Lord wills and allows.

I implore you to do so, "studying to prove yourselves workmen/workwomen that need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15)

May the Lord God Whom we love and seek to serve in mature fellowship together, grant each of you, worldwide, a continued desire, a hunger, for the 'meat' of God's Word, as well as the vital 'milk' found on my website/Blog .

Pray for me, beloved in Christ, and be assured my dear wife and I shall be praying for each of you.  Onward and upward, born again, Bible-believing saints of Christ Jesus.  All glory to His Holy Name!  (1 John 4:7-8)  We have the Victory in Christ.  Amen.

Calvary love and great grace,

Dr C.K. McClinton

Ulster Christians 

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