2 (b). God’s Call to Service in Truth Psalm 67:2

Text: “Now therefore go, and I will be with thy mouth, and teach thee what thou shalt say.”

Exodus 4:12.

Good morning, truth-bearing Christian!  We have been saved to serve.  We have not been saved to be smug and to hide the treasures of truth of which the Sovereign Lord God has entrusted us.  We are to be consistent truth-bearers for the risen Lord Jesus, to the greater glory of our Father in Heaven, and to the reaching and quickening of elect souls by the Gospel of Christ and Him Crucified for our sins and arisen again in glory.  There is no saved soul that is exempt from Christian duty.

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.”  (Romans 10:17)

Souls shall never be quickened by God the Spirit’s Divine power, and at all times according to His Sovereign will, unless they hear the life-giving Gospel of the Living Lord God.

Read afresh Ezekiel chapter 37:1-10; see and fully understand what the Spirit of God is teaching us there in that vital chapter concerning the ‘valley of dried bones’.  We were such ‘dried bones’, dead in trespasses and sins; unable to rise; unable to breathe; unable to know or understand the profound Spiritual things of Almighty God – until God, through His written/preached Word, breathed upon us and gave us Eternal life in Christ. Hallelujah!  What Sovereign and Divine grace to Hell-deserving sinners such as we!  Glory to the Lamb!  Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gift of Eternal life!  Amen.

Verse 2. “That Thy way may be known upon earth, Thy saving health among all nations.  Despite the gloomy notions of some, we cling to the belief that the Kingdom of Christ will embrace the whole habitable globe and that all flesh shall see the Salvation of God: for this glorious consummation we agonize in prayer.”  (C.H. Spurgeon, Treasury of David, page 288)

However, ‘seeing the Salvation of God’, and actually being a Spiritual part of it, is a matter for the Sovereign will of God in Divine election, and many souls shall take the sight of Christ’s Salvation in the lives of ‘His people’ all the way into Hell, as reprobate souls.  So Eternally sad, but so Eternally true!

There are no unbelievers in Hell, Reader!  They all believe, but they cannot get back out of the Eternal flames of torment and darkness. (Luke 16:19-31)

Universalism Heresy: We have no time for the erroneous doctrine of fools which we call universalism: “The heresy of the ultimate Salvation of every man.  Some universalists have held that at death all are perfectly restored to God, while others have held that such restoration follows a period of future purgatorial punishment. 

“Universalism uses Acts 3:21 and Colossians 1:20 to teach that God’s purpose is to restore all things to their original created purity through Christ (Romans 5:18; Hebrews 2:9).  Such an interpretation of these texts is arbitrary and clearly at variance with the rest of Scripture. 

“All men who are savingly united to Christ, not all men indiscriminately, will be Eternally saved. 

“The Bible teaches that the wicked perish Eternally. (Psalm 9:17; Matthew 25:46; Luke 16:19-31; Revelation 20:10-15), and this effectively demolishes universalism. 

Unitarianism has long been universalist, and in 1959 formally merged in the United states with the Universalists, now going under the name of Unitarian Universalists.” (Dictionary of Theological Terms, by Alan Cairns, page 424.) 

If the Lord Jesus Himself taught us that we MUST be ‘…Born Again…’, then His way is the only way of true and Eternal Salvation.  Hallelujah!  Praise His Name!

“Marvel not that I (Jesus Christ) said unto thee, Ye must be born again (born from Above).” (John 3:7)

“Neither is there Salvation in any other: for there is none other name under Heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.”  (Acts 4:12)

Verse 2. “That Thy way may be known upon earth…”  “If, therefore, thou continuest still in thy brutish ignorance, and knowest not so much as Who Christ is, and what He hath done for the Salvation of poor sinners, and what thou must do to get interest in Him, thou art far enough from believing.  If the day be not broke in thy soul, much less is the Sun of Righteousness arisen by faith in thy soul.”  (William Gurnall 1617-1679)

We are, therefore, saved to serve Christ, by Christ, and by Him alone.  He is the only way of Eternal Salvation from our vile sins.  Religion just will not do it.  Law-keeping, or so-called good works, just will not do it.  Self-sacrifice, or turning over new leaves, just will not do it either!  If Christ Jesus, and His one-time perfectly sinless Sacrifice on the Cross for our sins is not our full belief and practice – we are still in our sins and on our way to Hell. We have God’s own Word for it. (John 3:18) (John 3:36)

You and I who are Spiritually quickened by the Lord God; made alive Spiritually; redeemed by the precious shed Blood of the Christ of God Himself – are saved to serve Him in making known God’s one true WAY of Salvation in Christ.  What a privilege this is, Reader!

“Thy way: that is, Thy will, Thy Word, Thy works.”  (John Boys 1560-1643)

We only find God’s true way of Salvation; His Sovereign will and purpose for us, ‘His people’, in the precious pages of His infallible Word - our KJV Bibles.

“Sanctify them through Thy truth: Thy Word is truth.” (John 17:17)

Verse 2.  “That Thy way may be known upon earth, Thy saving health among all nations.” Check out what God the Spirit thinks concerning Christ’s servants that make God’s way of Salvation known upon earth: “For whosoever shall call upon the Name of the Lord shall be saved.  How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed?  And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard?  And how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach, except they be sent?  As it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the Gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!”  (Romans 10:13-15)

“Preach the Word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering and doctrine.” (2 Timothy 4:2)

God’s only way of Salvation – in and through Christ Jesus – shall be made known by those of us that value and fully appreciate God’s forgiveness and deliverance from our sin.

Thought: Your Eternal Salvation is of no value, if you do not share it with others daily!  There is Eternal Salvation in Christ and His Cross – come and be saved!

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