Urgent: Change for Reception of Weekly Bible Lessons!

22nd August 2022

Dear Recipient of Weekly Bible Lessons from Ulster Christians:

 Please note that from this point in time, and due to computer problems encountered by me in forming/sending Bible Lessons directly to your inbox email service - I would ask you to please go on my website/blog www.ulsterchristians.org to access the weekly Bible Lessons.  

Thank you for your faithful reception of my free Bible Expositions for over two decades, and I trust you have benefitted Spiritually from my writings, but the technology has moved on, and I find I am not technically wise enough to keep up with the required changes.  

I shall endeavour to put the weekly Bible Lessons on my website/blog as usual, but I must ask all who may desire to continue receiving them to go onto my website/blog directly from now on.

Every blessing be unto each of you faithful Christian Readers, I know you shall continue to '...grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ...', and for His continued glory. 

Calvary grace and love,

Dr C.K. McClinton

Ulster Christians Ministry


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