Practical Christianity Romans 12:9-21

Text: “But be ye doers of the Word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves."
James 1:22.  

Good morning, practical Christian!  Your God-given faith has saved you, but your practical Christian works are what proves to a sceptical world the positive fact of your faith.  Your faith is a quality which cannot be seen, tasted, touched, etc., but you practical works soon reveal the faith that is within your Christian heart.  Shine on then, beloved, glorify God.  (Matthew 5:16)

This morning’s passage is probably the most often used passage from Scriptures to promote the practical nature of true Christian faith.  If one can even get close to practicing his/her faith in the spirit of these Bible verses, then, one will very quickly find joy in the Christian life, and be more easily recognized as a GENUINE Christian believer.  God’s Word is quite clear on this important matter of genuine Christian witness.  (James 2:14-26)

These verses from Romans chapter twelve, reveal the true revolutionary nature of Christianity.  The concepts of practice set forth here, if closely followed, would bring about a vast, radical, change in life as we know it now in the 21st Century - a revolution of goodness and love.  Yes indeed, my friends, think about it!  A full blown Christian revolution would turn the world upside down!  And nothing less than that is required today.  (Acts 17:6b)

Police forces would be made redundant; evil would be totally abhorred; and goodness would be promoted diligently.  Lawyers would be reduced in numbers by two thirds, for two thirds of legal business is concerned with criminal defence and prosecution!

Firms making money from selling burglar alarms, bolts, and locks, would have no business either - for mutual trust would reign supreme in cities, towns, and villages.

The perpetration of evil deeds costs societies billions of pounds per day.  those billions could be put to an alternative better use in providing for the necessities of all classes of people all around the world.  In fact, a truly classless society would very soon emerge from the practice of genuine selfless Christianity.

The Casualty Department in local hospitals would find quite a relief in their work load - due to people treating others with our passage’s prescribed practice of kindly affection and brotherly love. 
(1 John 4:7-8)

Churches would be filled to capacity each Lord’s Day with folk seeking to fervently serve the Lord God.  Honesty and peace would pervade the world, instead of current social trends of fraud and criminal chaos. What a world this would be!

However, while this utopia will never be realized until the Lord returns, we Christians are still under obligation to TRY to practice these Christ like qualities and, therefore, be salt and light for the Lord amid so much that is negative and filled with darkness.

Christian faith in action is what we recognize as practical Christianity.

Thought:  A practical Christian revolution begins with ME!

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